Become a Donor
Thank you for visiting our site and exploring the possibilities of becoming an egg donor. Being an egg donor is one of the most generous gifts that one woman can give to a family. Since the early 80’s, egg donation has been able to help women and families conceive a child of their own. With an egg donor, these families have no chance or hope of ever having a little angel of their own.

We are continually looking for donors regardless of your traits or characteristics. As a donor, you may fit the criterion that a family is seeking.




*Must have completed prescreen application above and have a valid username and password from RAI.


The donor process is as follows:
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Reproductive Assistance Inc. has very strict criterion that every donor must meet before the application process begins. Please review the list of criterion set by Reproductive Assistance Inc. and see if you qualify.
To become a donor with RAI, each female must meet the following criteria:
arrow Be between 18 and 30 depending on where you live.
arrow Have regular periods.
arrow Have no history of any genetically transmitted diseases.
arrow Have no history of any sexually transmitted diseases.
arrow Never had a positive AIDS or HIV test.
arrow Have reliable transportation.
arrow Be a non-smoker.
arrow Graduated from college, currently attending college, or enrolled for college (preferred)
arrow Never taken recreational drugs
arrow Be average weight for your height. Please find your height on the following chart. If you are not between the listed weight range for your height, please do not apply.
5´1" 100-131
5´2" 104-135
5´3" 107-140
5´4" 110-144
5´5" 114-149
5´6" 118-154
5´7" 121-158
5´8" 125-163
5´9" 128-168
5´10" 132-173
5´11" 136-178
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If you meet the above criteria, you can fill out the following online prescreening form.
arrow Pre Screening Egg Donor Application
If you do not hear from RAI in two business days via email, please send a contact form thru our site to verify that we received your application.
If you pass the prescreening application, we will email you and invite you to complete the full application.
If you pass the full application, we will contact you either via phone or email to set up the phone interview.
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We review each and every application that is submitted. If the donor’s application is approved, we will contact the donor to obtain additional information, complete the phone interview, and begin the process of becoming an egg donor.
RAI will meet and educate each donor before beginning the egg donation process.

If RAI approves the donor, the donor will be asked to complete an MMPI or PAI test and psychological interview with a licensed professional.
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After a representative from RAI says you are approved as a donor, you will be instructed to download the following document:
arrow W9 form (Please complete the highlighted areas)
You will also be emailed a donor agreement. These two forms should be completed, authorized, and returned to the office. The two documents can be faxed to 513.831.2349 or scanned to a representative.
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When a family chooses a donor from our database, the donor will be called and scheduled for the physical screening. If approved by the physician group, the donor will proceed to the next step.
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The physician group will begin the hormone therapy stimulating the donor’s ovaries and producing multiple eggs. The physician group will monitor the donor’s progress through vaginal ultrasounds and blood tests.
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Once the eggs are ready in the donor’s body, the physician group will remove the eggs through the donor’s vagina. There are no incisions made during the procedure. The entire procedure takes approximately one hour and thirty minutes. The donor will need to rest the remainder of the day. When the donor’s period returns, the donor will return to the physician group for a follow-up appointment.
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After the retrieval procedure, the physician group will fertilize the eggs with the partner’s sperm or with donor sperm. The fertilized embryos are then transferred to the recipient and the remaining embryos are frozen.

As a donor, you are generously compensated from RAI or the physician group. All donors receive at least $3000 compensation. Average donor compensation is $4,000 to $7,000. Total payments to donors in excess of $5,000 require justification and sums above $10,000 are unethical and forbidden. All donors that travel over 50 miles also receive extra travel compensation. All of your expenses are paid by the recipient family if you travel.

If you have any friends, family, or co-workers that would like to be a donor, please instruct them to go to our site and apply.

We thank you for your time and interest in helping others create a family.