Recipient Parents

As a parent that so desperately wants a child to love, there are specific traits or characteristics that you desire in a donor. For this reason, Reproductive Assistance Inc. has searched and interviewed thousands of potential donors to create a database of quality donors.

We meet and educate each donor before beginning the process. If we can not meet with the donor, we will schedule an additional education session. All of our donors have been or are in the process of being MMPI or PAI tested and psychological screened. Once a Recipient family has selected a donor, the physician group will begin the process of completing the physical screening of your donor. This physical screening process may take a few weeks depending on your physician group.
Please review the recipient process that will be completed when selecting a donor:
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  After a recipient family applies for a password, a representative from Reproductive Assistance Inc. will conduct a brief phone interview with the family. This interview will explain how RAI’s program works, gather some information on the recipient family, and review the legal and financial areas of selecting a donor. If you would like the option of contacting the donor in the future, please inquire.
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  When the recipient family selects their donor, the family should call Reproductive Assistance Inc. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, cashiers check, or money orders are accepted for the agency fee. There is an additional fee for credit cards and wire transfers. At this time, the legal contract will be mailed or emailed to the recipient family, authorized, and returned back to Reproductive Assistance Inc.

Sometimes a family will decide to wait for a donor that is completing another cycle for a different family. Please note that if a family decides to wait on a donor, RAI can not control the timeframe of when a donor will be ready for their next cycle.

We are a full service egg donor agency that does not have any hidden costs like smaller agencies you may find. We provide many different services that smaller agencies charge for including: an application fee, escrow management fee, travel coordination fee, legal contracts, a portion of the donor’s compensation, and international fee.
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The donor will be scheduled for all her physical screening appointments through your physician group. The donor's MMPI or PAI test results and psychological interview report will be sent to your physician group. All donors are screened according to FDA guidelines.

If your donor is not approved for the physical or pschylogical screening, then RAI will have Recipients select another donor from the database or receive a partial refund. If the donor's cycle is cancelled by the fertility doctor after medications have begun, then RAI will have Recipients select another donor or receive a partial refund.

If your physician group requires the donor to have insurance, the recipient family may purchase an optional insurance policy. This Oocyte Donor Policy is $250-500 per cycle with no deductible. Please inquire about the program when selecting a donor.

All donors are compensated at least $3,000 or more. Average donor compensation is $4,000 to $7,000. Total payments to donors in excess of $5,000 require justification and sums above $10,000 are unethical and forbidden. Four weeks prior to the procedure, RAI will invoice you for the donor’s compensation. Compensation for donors is placed in a trust account and is paid after completion of the cycle and procedure.

For out of town donors, we can recommend and coordinate screening and monitoring appointments. Additional charges for screening and monitoring will be billed directly to the Recipient family for confidentiality purposes.

If the donor is required to travel more than 50 miles, there will be extra travel fees. Travel expenses will be invoiced to the recipient family when the first appointment is scheduled. All travel expenses are to be paid in full a week before the procedure.

All Recipients should contact a local Third Party Reproductive Attorney and have a legal agreement between them and their donor. These legal expenses can cost between $400 and $1500. RAI can make recommendations on local attorneys.


International families will be charged an additional $2,000 to manage their case.

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  The physician group will coordinate the medication for both the donor and recipient. When the eggs are ready, the donor will be scheduled for the retrieval procedure. Once the eggs are removed, the eggs will be fertilized with sperm.