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Thank you for visiting our site and exploring the possibility of becoming a gestational carrier.

Being a gestational carrier for a family and carrying their child/children is one of the most precious and generous gifts that a woman can do for a family. Many families turn to gestational carriers as their last option of having a baby that they want and desire. These families look at carriers as a way to battle their infertility and grow their family.

We complete an Education Session with each carrier and their spouse to educate them both, answer questions, and review the entire process.

Women that want to be gestational carriers can be motivated by many things: the joy that pregnancy brings to them; a history or uncomplicated pregnancies; an opportunity to make a generous and wonderful contribution to another family; a realization of their own children and how precious they are; a display of empathy for couples that cannot have their own children; and/or a financial gain for their family. If you are motivated by any or several of these reasons, being a gestational carrier may be a wonderful opportunity for you to give to another family.

We are continually seeking qualified gestational carriers. As a potential gestational carrier, you may fit the criterion that a family is seeking.




To be a Gestational Carrier with RAI, you should review the following criteria and complete the steps below:

Step 1

RAI has very strict criterion that every gestational carrier must meet before applying to be a carrier. Please review the list of criterion set by RAI and see if you qualify.

arrow Be between 21-39 depending on health.

arrow Have prior children with no complications during pregnancy or birth and only 2 prior c sections.

arrow Have regular periods.

arrow Have no history of any genetically transmitted diseases.

arrow Have no history of any sexually transmitted diseases.

arrow Have no history of any serious or ongoing medical conditions.

arrow Never had a positive AIDS or HIV test.

arrow Have reliable transportation.

arrow Be a non-smoker and live in a smoke free household.

arrow Never taken recreational drugs.

arrow Be average weight for her height.

arrow Be committed to being a surrogate including being available to attend medical office appointments during the treatment cycle and pregnancy.

arrow Both surrogate and spouse or significant other need to pass a criminal background check.

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Step 2

If you meet the above criteria, you can complete the following online form. If you qualify, you will receive an e mail from RAI with directions on how to complete the entire application.  If you complete the entire application within five days of applying to be a carrier, RAI will send you a $100 bonus check.

arrow Gestational Carrier Pre-Screening Application

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Step 2

After you complete the entire application, we review each and every question that is submitted. If you qualify, we will e mail you to set up a phone interview. This phone interview will allow us to find out many different things about you, explain our program, and see if you qualify to be a gestational carrier with RAI. We will then e mail you some paperwork and start the process. RAI will also ask you to gather your medical records and information. Once we receive back the paperwork, we will complete background checks on you and your spouse.

Click here to Go back to TopWe will also do an Education Session with you and your spouse to answer questions and review the process.



Step 2

If all of your paperwork and records are submitted, RAI will schedule you and your spouse to meet with the Psychologist. The potential carrier and spouse will each complete an MMPI or PAI test and the Psychologist will conduct an interview. If all goes well, the Psychologist will approve or deny the potential carrier.

Approved gestational carriers will be added to the database and ready to schedule a conference call with a family.

Click here to Go back to TopDepending on the gestational carrier, this screening and approval process may take a few weeks or months.



Step 2

Click here to Go back to TopAfter we feel that a family and carrier would be a good match, we will set up an id and password to the Gestational Carrier Database for the family to review the carrier’s profile. If the family likes the carrier’s profile, then RAI will set up and facilitate a conference call. If there is positive feedback from both parties, a second conference call or video call will be set up. Again, if there is positive feedback from both parties, then the family can select the carrier. Once RAI has all the paperwork back, RAI will send the carrier’s info to the family’s fertility group.


Step 2

Click here to Go back to TopAfter a gestational carrier has been selected, the carrier and her spouse will go to the family’s fertility doctor for the necessary medical and physical screening. When approved by the physician group, the carrier will begin medication once all the legal paperwork is in place.


Step 2

Depending on the situation, the physician will design a plan for all the parties to follow detailing the necessary steps and medications. Once the program is ready, the uterus of the carrier will be prepared to receive the embryos.

Click here to Go back to TopAs a gestational carrier, you are generously giving a family a chance to a new beginning.


Step 2

As a gestational carrier, think of the joy that you and the family will feel when a positive pregnancy is achieved. During the pregnancy, the family and carrier will stay in constant contact. The family may attend physician appointments if possible or speak to the obstetrician on the phone. The amount of contact is agreed upon by the family and the carrier.

Most families make every effort to be present at the birth of their child. Once the baby is born, the care and responsibility of the baby will with his/her new family. The parents will take the child out of the hospital after he/she is released. Saying good-bye can be an emotional time since you have shared an important and joyous event. You may receive pictures and updates on the new baby and some relationships continue to grow.

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