Intended Parents

As a parent that so desperately wants a child to love, surrogacy is sometimes the best way to have that child. If you feel that using a carrier is your best option, you should begin searching for the right candidate for you.

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Click here to Go back to TopContacting our office is the first step toward finding a gestational carrier. During this initial consult, we will gather basic information and ask questions that will allow us to help you reach your dreams.

Regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation, each family will receive the same exceptional service and assistance.


Step 2

Once we feel we have a good match for both the family and carrier, we will contact the family and set up an id and password to view the Gestational Carriers.

All of our carriers and spouses have passed a criminal background check, MMPI or PAI test, and interview with a Psychologist before being added to our database.

Once a family has reviewed a carrier’s profile, the family can request a conference call with the carrier that RAI facilitates. At this time, the family can ask any additional questions they may have. When the conference call is scheduled, the family will authorize a Letter of Agreement outlining the process with RAI.

Click here to Go back to TopDue to the insurance industry regulations changing constantly, pregnancy related to surrogacy may not be covered under the carrier’s medical insurance policy. Families should consult with an insurance expert. There are options available. Some options are better in one state versus another state.


Step 2

RAI is not a medical facility and does not do any physical screening. Your carrier will be scheduled for all her screening appointments through your physician group. If the physician approves the surrogate, she will begin the medication once the legal agreement is in place. The physician group will coordinate the necessary medication for the cycle for all parties involved including the carrier.

Click here to Go back to TopThe Intended Parents will arrange for their own legal counsel that will draft the appropriate agreement and provide the necessary paperwork. Carriers are also represented by a separate legal counsel to assure that she fully understands her rights and obligations of the agreement.


Step 2

After the embryos are transferred to the carrier, the physician will perform blood work and an ultrasound to confirm the heartbeat.

After the carrier is pregnant, the family usually stays in contract throughout the pregnancy. Our goal is for the family to be involved as much as they want in their pregnancy. This is your child/children and we feel that you have a right to be involved and have all of your needs met.

Click here to Go back to TopThe family will be present at the birth. Typically a baby will remain in the hospital for a day or two after the birth. Once the baby is given a medical clearance to leave, the family will begin their life at home.