Reproductive Assistance Inc. - Egg Donation and Gestational Carrier Testimonials

I recently received your letter and was surprised to say the least. You were the first recipients that I heard back from since being a donor. After reading your letter, I was touched by your story. Your story seems like I could have written it myself. I could tell we have a lot in common. I did the same thing as a child with my sister, playing with Cabbage Patch dolls and pretending to have a baby of my own. After I was married, I was surprised to find out that I was pregnant a month later.

Looking at my children and knowing how rewarding it is to be a parent, I would love to think that I gave another couple that chance. That is why I became a donor.

I know that it had to be a hard decision to use a donor, but I believe that some people were meant to cross paths in life.

I wish the best for you and your spouse and am grateful that I was able to bring some hope to your dreams of having children.

Your Donor

A letter from a donor back to her Recipient family

It was a true pleasure to meet you. It is always good to have a face to go along with a voice. You are so nice and caring to all the patients and it comes off very soothing not only the patients but us as well. Continue doing an excellent job because you are a natural.

I look forward to working with you again. You make my job easy because you do not mind going the extra step for the patient.

From a Third Party Coordinator in Texas

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that today I am 30 weeks pregnant with my twins. We are expecting a boy and a girl. This has been the most wonderful experience and alot of it is thanks to you. 

You are such a blessing in our lives. We would not have ever been matched with our donor without your help. You talked me thru the process and just KNEW who we needed to match with. THANK YOU! I will update you when they are born and send you pictures. Keep up the good work, and if I can do anything for you to return the favor, please let me know. I tell everyone that is looking into egg donation about RAI and YOU!

A Recipient Mother who got an egg donor with RAI

Funny you mentioned thinking of us when you left today. It reminded me of all those people we had talked to at different donor agencies and how none of them gave me the feeling of trust and comfort that we found with you. So, because we met with you and were able to see you face to face, I knew we definitely found the right person to help us. We also spoke with the Donor Coordinator, and she said that she loved the donor and was blown away by her attitude and that everything looked great. So of course, we were over the moon.

Recipient family about Nickie in Texas

I am 11 weeks and 5 days . Thank you so much....if it weren't for you and the donor, this would not have been possible!

A Recipient family who got a donor from RAI

We can not thank you enough for helping us fulfill a dream a long time in the making! We could not have done it without you.

Nickie, you have been just fabulous! You have been my cheerleader the whole way thru. Your job technically was over once you helped us locate a donor but you always went above and beyond to help with words and prayers every step of the way. I know I have a long way to go, but now at 11 weeks, we are very hopeful!

We are so thankful and will never forget what a help you and our sweet angel donor were in making our dream become a reality! If I can ever help by speaking with someone about RAI, I will be happy to sign your praises.

Much grattitude, 
R and A

A family who got a donor with RAI

I wanted to thank you again for giving me this amazing, awesome, and wonderful experience. Even though the last few weeks have been hard on my physically and emotionally, I would do it all over again. The twins were worth it all.

From a carrier who had two weeks of hospitalization and then deliverd twin girls at 34 weeks